Accelerate membership benefits

Accelerate Logo

Membership has its privileges. With the Cardinal Health Accelerate program, our members enjoy much more than simply earning CH Dollars. All members have access to educational materials and monthly featured products. And our Gold and Diamond members also earn benefits that help build your business and improve support for your customers.

Free sample products

Accelerate Silver, Gold and Diamond members can get free samples of our monthly feature items. Each year Accelerate membership gives you up to 12 free samples. Plus, we change what samples are available throughout the year.

Marketing support

As a Gold or Diamond member, Cardinal Health offers you access to our well-designed brochures. We can even add your company’s logo to help reinforce your brand. If you sell online, we can provide you with professional product images and descriptions.

Business referral service

Cardinal Health will assist our Diamond members of Accelerate with generating ongoing new business by providing referrals to your sales team. Simply provide us details of the types of referral business you are interested in and we will do the rest.

Drop shipment service

Available to Diamond members of Accelerate, our drop shipment service allows you to ship products directly from Cardinal Health to your customers at greatly reduced rates saving you time and money.