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Kangaroo™ ePump Enteral Feeding Pump
When patients require nutrition through continuous feeding, intermittent feeding, or feeding and flushing, the Kangaroo™ ePump enteral feeding pump delivers in one compact, easy-to-use device.

Revolutionizing the delivery of Enteral Feeding begins with E
Easy – Easy step-by-step prompts, intuitive user interface and simplified set loading.
Everybody – Appropriate for virtually all patients, from infant through geriatric years.
Everywhere – Easily transportable, with battery pack for up to 15 hours of backup power.
Enteral – Continuous or bolus enteral feeding and flushing capabilities, accurately and reliably, all from one pump.

Kangaroo™ ePump Feed and Flush

Kangaroo™ ePump Feed Only

Kangaroo™ Connect Enteral Feeding Pump
When it comes to feeding patients at home, we know how hard it is to find the right enteral feeding pump. You need a pump that is accurate, and won’t contribute to “alarm fatigue”. With forty years of industry-leading nutritional delivery experience, the Kangaroo™ Connect pump is the smallest and lightest Kangaroo™ pump yet. All the same great features you expect from a Kangaroo™ pump… now even better.

Kangaroo™ Connect In Service

Kangaroo™ Joey Enteral Feeding Pump
The first hydrating ambulatory enteral device available, the Kangaroo™ Joey pump assures clinicians of accurate and reliable function while providing patients with freedom and mobility.
• Delivers consistent and reliable enteral nutrition and hydration while patients are on the go.
• Fully portable design with backpack.
• Compact, lightweight construction – Ideal for use by all ages requiring home or ambulatory care.
• Easy, intuitive interface – Ensures accurate and reliable delivery of preset volumes.
• Ambulatory-specific feeding set design.

Preparing and Loading for Feeding

Priming for Feeding Only

Using the Continuous Mode Feature – Feeding and Flushing

Using the Flush Now Feature

Using the Resume In Feature

Priming for Feeding and Flushing

Using the Adjust Settings Feature

Using the Continuous Mode Feature – Feeding Only

Using the Keep Tube Open (KTO) Feature


Home Enteral Feeding Guidebook
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