Kangaroo™ is the one ENFit™ expert in Canada.  Following the conversion of more than 80 hospitals in Canada by our Territory Managers, Kangaroo™ has converted more sites than any other brands combined.

What is ENFit™?

ENFit™ is an industry led initiative focused on rendering enteral connections safer. Every global manufacturer of feeding sets and tubes in Canada, including Cardinal Health™, is a charter member of the Global Enteral Device Supplier Association (GEDSA). GEDSA was formed to help introduce international standards in medical device tubing connectors with the intention of enhancing patient safety. ENFit™ is the new ISO standard for connecting nutritional delivery systems such as feeding sets and feeding tubes. All Canadian nutritional delivery products will be equipped with ENFit™ connectors within the near future to reduce the frequency of medical tubing misconnections. For more information about GEDSA and their ENFit™ communications program, Stay Connected, visit stayconnected.org.

Kangaroo™ ENFit™

ENFit™ connection, see how it’s done:

ENFit™ adoption is expanding throughout the country

Some Health Facilities that have recently adopted ENFit™
• Toronto Western Hospital
• Montfort Hospital
• Huron Perth Hospital
• Princess Margaret Hospital
• Toronto General Hospital
• Hopital de Gatineau
• CSSS de Jonquiere
• CSSS de Chicoutimi

NICUs that have recently adopted ENFit™
• Hôpital Pierre-Boucher
• Montfort Hospital
• Stratford General

Upcoming ENFit™ Conversions
• Miramichi Hospital
• St-John Hospital
• Fredericton Hospital
• All Hospitals in Newfoundland

• All Hospitals in Nova Scotia
• Winnipeg Regional Health Authority
• Saskatoon Health Region
• Regina Health Region


Home Care Patient Booklet
For patients that are being discharged or have been recently discharged.
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ENFit™ Reference Guide
A guide for experienced Home Care patients.
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Hospital Pharmacy Solutions
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