Salem Sump


The new Salem Sump with an attached ENFit™ connection now has an extended indication for suction and feeding. Hospitals that have adapted to ENFit™ can now fully convert their practice. The new feeding indication makes this the first ENFit™ compatible dual lumen suction/feeding tube in Canada.

ENFit™ Connector
Enables use of the Salem Sump™ with ENFit™ connection system to keep patients safe.

Anti-Reflux Valve*
The anti-reflux valve helps prevent stomach content from exiting the vent lumen to keep clinicians safe.

*Anti-Reflux Valve is sold separately.

Dual Lumen Tubing
The double lumen tube compensates for the negative pressure created by suction. It can now also be used for feeding.

Ordering Information

Item No.DescriptionPackaging
Z8888268060E6 fr, length: 61 cm10 ea/ca
Z8888268086E8 fr, length: 61 cm10 ea/ca
Z8888264911E10 fr, length: 91 cm50 ea/ca
Z8888264929E12 fr, length: 122 cm50 ea/ca
Item No.DescriptionPackaging
Z8888264945E14 fr, length: 122 cm50 ea/ca
Z8888264960E16 fr, length: 122 cm50 ea/ca
Z8888264986E18 fr, length: 122 cm50 ea/ca
Z8888266197Anti-Reflux Valve
10 ea/ca

For more information or to order, please contact your Cardinal Health Canada sales representative or call 1.888.291.5033.


Salem Sump
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