Industry-leading products and solutions for the entire healthcare continuum

When the health of patients is in your hands, the products you use matter. We invest in research and development across our comprehensive portfolio to deliver high-quality care that, when combined with our industry-leading supply chain solutions, ensures you always get the right product for the right price at the right time.

Presource® Procedure Packs

From the heart of your hospital to every procedural department, our Presource® kits enable you to deliver clinical and operational efficiencies in patient care. We offer a wide variety of convenient procedure kits that include all of the medical supplies you need. With our expertise, we help you build or update your surgical kitting program, ensuring you always have the products you need.


We offer a full range of operating room essentials, allowing you to care for and protect what matters most – your patients. We build quality, clinical best practice and trust directly into every surgical glove, so that you can have the perfect fit for every procedure.


We’re on a mission to help prevent Venous Thromboembolism (VTE). Our Compression products are designed to move more blood to help prevent stasis, track compliance with Patient Sensing™ technology, and educate patients and clinicians about the risk of VTE, all while keeping the environment in mind.

Nutritional Delivery

The Kangaroo™ portfolio offers a safe, innovative and complete line of enteral feeding products for use across the continuum of care. The Kangaroo™ brand has long been trusted by clinicians, procurement professionals, and caregivers to optimize clinical efficiency.

General Medical Supplies

Essential products to protect clinicians and help care for all patients. From high-performing products that allow for compassionate patient care to smart business options, we’re with you and your patients every step of the way, from the hospital to the home.

Advanced Wound Care

Skin health is critical across the continuum of care and we’re here with products and education to help you care for your patients. Our AMD antimicrobial dressings with PHMB empower you to protect your work and your patients’ skin health, by providing simple, affordable antimicrobial prevention.