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Stray Away™ Hair Management Drape

Safely preparing a patient for a craniofacial procedure takes time and focus while manually braiding, tying, shaving or even stapling hair out of the way of the surgical site. This process can also be invasive for your patient.

The Cardinal Health™ Stray Away™ Drape is the first and only hair management drape designed to minimize hair in the surgical field and help reduce patient preparation time for procedures that require hair to be covered.

Innovative technology for stability and confidence in the OR

The Stray Away™ Drape features three unique anchoring points to minimize hair in or around the incision to help reduce the potential for infection. The drape also helps minimize the amount of hair needing to be shaved, which may lead to less visible scarring and increased patient satisfaction. 

A diagram showing the parts of a Stray Away hair clip.

Benefits for safe, streamlined procedures

A red circle with a pair of scissors and a comb.

Minimize amount of hair needing to be shaved

A red and white shield with a check mark.

Help reduce risk
of infection by minimizing hair in
or around incision

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Help decrease time spent prepping patient and post-op cleanup

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Reduce other materials used to secure hair

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AAMI Level 4
and latex free

How to use?


A better way to prep patients for surgery

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Stray Away Hair Management Drape

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