Simplify your procedural supply chain

Getting the right products at the right time into surgical cases is a labor-intensive process.

With Presource Procedure-Based Delivery Systems (PBDS®), you can bundle standardized procedural supplies into modular kits — increasing efficiency and reducing costly touchpoints.

See what PBDS can do for you

Minimize touchpoints

Reduce overtime

Lessen impact of labor shortages

Consolidate items to order, receive and pull

Optimize the supply chain

Reduce waste

Supply chain efficiencies

Work faster and smarter.

PBDS® includes a plan for improved supply chain design, review of current practices, and implementation.

Our clinical and logistical experts partner with you through every step in the process, from actionable recommendations to implementation and continual review to ensure our service matches your needs.

Waste reduction and room turnover

Be efficient.

Fewer products to pull and open means less packaging to waste.

Time is money. Improve room turnover efficiency with all the single-use materials you need in one modular kit.

To learn more about how we can help you
streamline your procedural supply chain, contact
your local Cardinal Health sales representative.


Procedure Based Delivery Systems Brochure

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PBDS Summary One Pager

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Surgical PBDS Placemat

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