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Cardinal Health offers a complete line of Surgical products and Operating Room accessories to help make your OR more efficient, so the Surgical Team can provide the best care possible and protect patients against complications. 

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Protexis™ Surgical Gloves

A glove designed to reduce hand fatigue and protect the hands that heal. 


The Cardinal HealthTM surgical glove mold allows for an anatomical fit and more natural movement in the fingers, thumb and palm. From protection to performance, we have you covered. 

Medi-Vac® Solidifiers

Take a step toward improving safety in your facility through solidifying liquid medical waste.

Our Medi-Vac™ Solidifier with Disinfectant decontaminates waste as it gels, further reducing the risk of dangerous bloodborn pathogens.

Cardinal Health™ Surgical Drapes

As an industry-leading manufacturer of surgical drapes1, Cardinal Health provides a comprehensive selection of surgical drapes and ancillary products that offer patients and clinicians the protection they want and need. Our surgical drape options in AAMI Level 3 and 42 are engineered to meet industry testing criteria. In addition, you’ll find all the features that clinicians prefer, including drapable fabric and cord management features. 

Cardinal Health™ Surgical Gowns

All Cardinal Health™ Surgical Gowns are AAMI rated. We offer AAMI Level 3 or AAMI Level 4 rated surgical gowns. 

Coolsource™ Cooling System

The untethered solution to help keep you feeling cool, comfortable, and confident, so you can focus on what you do best. 


The CoolSource™ Cooling System is designed with six pockets to hold cooling packs on the abdomen, back and over the shoulders to lower core body temperature and maximize cooling — especially during long and labour-intensive situations. Plus, the vest conforms to the body, providing a custom fit that moves comfortably with you under your personal protective equipment (PPE).

StrayAway™ Hair Management Drape

The Cardinal Health™ Stray Away™ Drape is the first and only hair management drape designed to minimize hair in the surgical field and help reduce patient preparation time for procedures that require hair to be covered.

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