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As the healthcare system transitions from the pandemic to surgical recovery, Canadians are increasingly relying on both hospitals and surgery centers, and you can rely on Cardinal Health as your trusted business partner. Along with providing all your critical operating room supplies, we’re here to help you focus on excellent patient care and business performance with strategic solutions. 

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Breakthrough solutions that optimize and grow your surgical practice.

We know how critical it is for your facility to maximize OR throughput and efficiency as we work together to overcome the surgical backlog in Canada. Our Breakthrough program will identify both time- and money-saving opportunities and optimize your clinical effectiveness at your facility through both product rationalization and process improvement.

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Get more with less.

As a AcceleratePRO member, your purchases add up to rewards. You’ll earn CH Dollars you can use towards products that you need the most.

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Simplify your supply chain with Presource® Procedure Packs

We tailor procedure packs to fit your needs, so that you can control costs and drive clinical and operational efficiencies. Our packs reduce set up time, promote protocol adherence, and provide inventory efficiencies. 

A surgeon performing surgery on a surgical table.

Procedure-Based Delivery Systems (PBDS®)

If your surgical center is looking for ways to improve efficiency, reduce touchpoints, and cut down on products to order, handle and store, we can help. Let Cardinal Health’s team of surgical pack experts help you choose the optimal way to receive your supplies and prepare for your surgical cases — Procedure Based Delivery Systems (PBDS®).   

Please contact your representative to learn more about PBDS® or request a consultation today 

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Stay Cool in the OR

The untethered solution to help keep you feeling cool, comfortable, and confident, so you can focus on what you do best.  

The CoolSource™ Cooling System is designed with six pockets to hold cooling packs on the abdomen, back and over the shoulders to lower core body temperature and maximize cooling — especially during long and labour-intensive situations. Plus, the vest conforms to the body, providing a custom fit that moves comfortably with you under your personal protective equipment (PPE).  

A woman in a CoolSource vest and scrubs, cool and ready for medical procedures.

Surgery Center Essentials

We understand the crucial role that surgery centers play in providing exceptional patient care and driving business performance. As your trusted business partner, we are dedicated to supporting your success by providing a comprehensive range of critical operating room supplies.

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Easy ordering

Every market is unique. Cardinal Health provides faster, more efficient ways to manage the supplies you need. Enjoy 24/7 access, standing orders, saved lists, and shipment tracking.

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