Delivering end-to-end solutions that advance healthcare and improve lives

Together we can move healthcare forward. As your trusted product and solutions provider, we help you keep costs low and quality of care high. We work to align our resources with your capabilities and needs, helping your hospital or health network stay resilient and responsive. Our customized supply chain strategies are focused on delivering people and process workflow optimization at every stage. We never stop working to meet the needs of healthcare administrators and providers so they can serve the patients who depend on them. Improving patient outcomes while driving operational efficiencies is at our core.   

Featured products and services

Manage costs with Cardinal Health™ brand products

Our expanding portfolio of industry leading medical products helps you bridge the gap between the need for quality and the demand for savings. With our trusted experience, insights and infrastructure, we manufacture and source products that meet your demands for value-driven, comprehensive healthcare solutions.

We are the manufacturer of well-known brands including Presource®, Monoject™, Kangaroo™, Kerlix™, Kendall™, Telfa™, Curity™, Insta-Gard®, Protexis™, Esteem™ and many more!

Drive surgical efficiencies with Presource® Procedure Packs

We tailor procedure packs to fit your needs, so that you can control costs and drive clinical and operational efficiencies. Our packs reduce set up time, promote protocol adherence, and provide inventory efficiencies 

A surgeon performing surgery on a surgical table.

Industry leading JIT stock management

From daily bulk delivery to fully integrated JIT systems, our ValueLink® program includes tailored, real-time data driven solutions that reduce your need to maintain stock on location. 

Two individuals in blue scrubs loading boxes into a van, possibly for medical supplies transportation.

Leverage our unparalleled freight network

OptiFreight® Logistics delivers total transportation management and helps you manage more freight, in more locations, with less effort. Leverage our lower-cost freight network to save money on all shipments to your institution.

A truck driving on a highway at sunset, showcasing the vibrant colors of the sky and the vehicle in motion.

EDI ordering

We support a range of EDI documents and transmission protocols to transfer information to and from our business partners. A well-integrated EDI system can reduce order lead-time, improve inventory management, and close the gap between the moment of order placement and the moment of delivery.