Stay cool in the OR with CoolSource™

Invented by a clinician, for clinicians.

Invented by an OR nurse who was on a mission to solve a surgeon’s discomfort with heat and in turn improve morale for the entire OR staff.

Simple and practical

Six cooling pack placement options targeted at heat zones lower core body temperatures and maximize cooling1 — especially during long and labour intensive procedures. The vest conforms to the body, providing a custom fit that moves comfortably with you under your personal protective equipment (PPE).

1Data on file (lit # 21-008-A)

How does it work?

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The CoolSource™ Cooling Vest

  • Lightweight, disposable design
  • Six pockets intentionally placed for cooling dispersion
  • Non-sterile, worn underneath PPE
  • Velcro® closures
  • Belt for adjustable fit
  • Patent Pending design
  • It can be added to your custom procedure pack

The CoolSource™ Cooling Packs

  • Lightweight, flexible design
  • Six reusable cooling packs used per cooling vest
  • Non-woven casing helps to prevent condensation
  • Cooling duration may last 2+ hours



CoolSource Cooling System Instructions for Use


CoolSource™ Brochure


CoolSource™ Features


The Impact of Heat Stress on OR Clinicians