The supplies you need where you need them

From suppliers through to end users, our Stockless solution offers a way to save time and money. As a key component of the dynamic hospital supply chain, it will change the way you think about inventory and logistics management. Learn how to optimize your supply chain with Logical Unit of Measure (LogUM).

Put the value back in your hospital supply chain with our industry-leading logistics program that helps reduce the cost of storing, maintaining and distributing supplies. Based on actual demand at the point of care, Stockless is designed to meet the unique needs of your individual facility.

About Stockless

With Stockless, you process, handle, store and pay for only the supplies you need, when you need them. By reducing non-value-added time and cost, Stockless customers see operating margin improvements and cost reduction in inventory spend by an average of 30 percent or more.

How it works without Stockless

Traditionally, supplies flow in bulk from the distributor to a hospital’s central store, where they’re received, put away, picked and dispensed by hospital staff to the point of care.

How it works with Stockless

Bypassing the central store

There’s no need to stock or pick products for distribution. Stockless configures your deliveries in totes based on demand and delivers them directly to the point of use.

The result: fewer touch points, lower storage needs, reduced overstock and expired products, and better use of staff time.

Stockless drives savings

Inventory and cost reduction

Product standardization

Decreased labour costs by 25-30%

Less implementation time

Storage space reallocation

Discover how Stockless can save your hospital time and money.