OptiFreight Logistics

OptiFreight® Logistics

What is OptiFreight®?

You constantly receive shipments from suppliers.

Would you pass on an opportunity to save on those shipments?

By working with OptiFreight® Logistics, savings will be immediate and long-term, and the time you spend will be minimal.

How does the program work?

OptiFreight® Logistics manages more than 14 million shipments in the U.S. a year*, allowing us to aggregate volume and pass those discounts on to you. But it’s more than just rates — our best practices, strong supplier relationships and proprietary technology give you visibility into your spend to uncover even more freight savings.

What are the benefits?

Healthcare facilities spend thousands on inbound and outbound direct shipping costs. The OptiFreight® Logistics program can help you manage those costs with:

A comprehensive program

  • Integrated solutions for small packages and large freight that are shipped into your facility
  • Best practices — freight spend analysis and purchase order instructions — that increase the use of your program by up to 30 percent**

Expertise and proactive support

  • A supplier relations team that proactively enrolls suppliers and drives continued participation to increase your program volume
  • Access to the support and resources of Cardinal Health

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* Based on total shipments through OptiFreight® Logistics during January 1 – December 31, 2015 in the United States. Individual customer savings may vary.

**Based on internal Cardinal Health data. Individual customer savings may vary.