Delivering efficiency and promoting sustainability in the operating room with Presource™ Packs

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the importance of maintaining a robust healthcare supply chain. Ensuring healthcare professionals, and ultimately their patients, have the products they need when they need them has been pushed to the forefront of all Canadians’ minds.

It has also highlighted the existing challenges in the Canadian healthcare system that have been exacerbated by the pandemic—such as funding constraints and the backlog of surgical and diagnostic procedures. The increased demand, combined with shortages of healthcare professionals and a desire to operate more sustainably, poses unique challenges for sites of care.

Russell Schuster

President, Cardinal Health Canada

Any opportunity to drive greater operational efficiency and sustainability is of the utmost importance.

Cardinal Health’s Presource™ kitting service provides hospitals and surgery centers with streamlined procurement and workflow optimization. Instead of multiple components being received, stocked, picked, and opened individually, a pack consolidates these processes, delivering improved operational and clinical labour efficiency.

Presource™ Packs also support environmental sustainability by reducing unnecessary waste. By bundling all the disposable medical products necessary to perform a procedure, facilities can save time when setting up the operating room (OR) and reduce packaging waste. For example, when a non-sterile component is brought into the sterile field of an OR, the room must be set up again, and products thrown away. Using comprehensive, sterilized procedure packs helps to save taxpayer dollars associated with tear downs and wasted product.

The Presource™ portfolio offers both standard and customizable kits—from nursing trays to procedural trays to procedure-based delivery systems (PBDS)—we work with our customers to meet their specific needs.

At Cardinal Health Canada, we empower our customers to deliver care with confidence. We are proud to provide solutions that deliver value, sustainability, and efficiency to the Canadian healthcare system.