Protect your residents from injuries with Curbell Medical’s comprehensive falls management solution

Falls cause approximately 80% of traumatic brain injuries in older adults, and nearly one third of falls by residents in long-term care (LTC) result in head impact1 and reduced staffing increases the risk of a fall due to the lack of assisted mobility, especially in the evening when the night coverage to patients ratio is much higher2.

Curbell Medical is committed to aiding in the reduction of critically damaging accidents for LTC residents and senior patients through dependable, high quality support gear. Their fall management system works to minimize the number of unassisted exits and patient falls by notifying caregivers when one is in danger of occurring.

Shop Curbell’s Intuitive Range:

BC600 Cordless Fall
Management Monitor

Simple and quick setup.
Easy to use. Curbell
will assist in staff training

Bed and Chair
Sensor Pads

Variety of styles, and sizes.
Folds for easy storage. Choice
of corded or cordless pads


Placed near the patient’s
bed to protect
from injury from a fall.

Wireless Bathroom
Motion Sensor

Triggers an alert when a fall risk resident sits up from the toilet or enters the toileting area.

Post Fall Management: Getting to Types of Falls, Repeat Falls, and Determining Preventability

Editorial |
Position Sensory Alarms – Patient Restraint and Safety Insight

Nursing homes have an enduring legacy within healthcare of providing essential skilled nursing, restorative, rehabilitation, and assisted care to the most vulnerable populations. These vulnerable populations include individuals living with such conditions as new or long-term disability, chronic and/or terminal illness, cognitive impairment, frailty, and/or debility.

A hospital bed with a bed and chair sensor pad.


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