Your Home and Residents are Covered with Our LTC Formulary

We are dedicated to supporting your home with comprehensive product solutions so that you can focus on caring for your residents. Our Formulary program provides a streamlined list of every day essential products for your home while offering the highest level of service, great value and the best clinical efficacy. On top of that—you’ll earn cashback rewards!

Easy Ordering
Quickly find essentials you need for your home when you shop our refined Formulary list using our online ordering system at

Inventory Management
Order what you need by utilizing our logical unit of measure. Our products will always be in-stock so you can purchase the quantities required to manage storage space.


Save Costs
We offer our best value products to ensure you’re purchasing at the best price and clinical value.

Earn Cashback Rewards
Your purchases can earn CH Dollars that can be simply applied at checkout on your next order.


Shipment and Delivery
Unit ordering and unit delivery creates less work and handling by your employees. Prioritized stocking and shipping means consistent and reliable supply.


Educational Support
Educational support is offered from our team and through manufacturing partners on all products within the Formulary.

Reliable product supply

Our Formulary is made up of ~300 products, ranging from Cardinal Health brand to sourced products from top suppliers. Your ordering is streamlined, allowing us to stock more and control inventory so back orders become the exception not the rule.

Realize savings over time

Efficiently manage your budget, storage space and reduce carrying outdated product. Our system allows for flexibility in ordering the quantity of product you need resulting in lower costs and less product waste.


Data and analytics to identify savings

We help you analyze your current spend to pinpoint potential savings for better business decisions and freed up money to reinvest in your home.

Our Formulary is a comprehensive but concise product list, meant for easy shopping and selection for your home’s essential items.