Salem Sump™ ENFit™ Connection

The new Salem Sump™ with an attached ENFit™ connection now has an extended indication for suction and feeding. Hospitals that have adapted to ENFit™ can now fully convert their practice. The new feeding indication makes this the first ENFit™ compatible dual lumen suction/feeding tube in Canada.

Product Features

  • Suitable for gastric decompression, feeding, hydration and medication
  • Gastric reflux prevention valve
  • Radiopaque Sentinel Line™ with Sentinel Eye™ tubing
  • Funnel end of vent lumen can be used to cap 5-in-1 adapter
  • Centimeter markings
  • Sterile

ENFit™ Connector

Enables use of the Salem Sump™ with ENFit™ connection system to keep patients safe.

Anti-Reflux Valve*

The anti-reflux valve helps prevent stomach content from exiting the vent lumen to keep clinicians safe.
*Anti-Reflux Valve is sold separately.

Dual Lumen Tubing

The double lumen tube compensates for the negative pressure created by suction. It can now also be used for feeding.



Salem Sump