Understand the true cost of battery performance

If you pay less for batteries, you might pay extra for labour. Procell® understands battery maintenance and replacement can be a significant cost for healthcare businesses. On top of the cost of purchasing batteries, you have to pay a much higher cost for the labour to replace them. Through intensive device testing and analysis in their labs, Procell® has discovered a way to extend battery life and cut replacement costs by engineering device specific industrial alkaline batteries, each with unique power profiles.

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Healthcare Battery Solutions

Procell® Alkaline Constant Power Batteries Product Thumbnail

Procell® Alkaline Constant Power Batteries

Ideal for powering low drain medical devices which require constant current over a long period of time such as CO Monitors, oxygen pumps & digital thermometers.

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Procell® Alkaline Intense Power Batteries

Expertly engineered for long lasting performance in high-drain medical devices like infusion pumps and blood pressure monitors.

Procell® Lithium
Coin Batteries

Provides reliable, long-lasting power for blood monitors, glucometers, motion sensors, and 2-way radios.

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It’s critical your doctors, nurses and staff get the maximum resources so they can focus on delivering patient care. Find reliable, recommended battery solutions for medical devices across your healthcare facility below by clicking on each room.

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