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Our expertise and experience coupled with a robust and dynamic network enables us to provide reliable and trusted supply chain solutions that generate value and efficiency to healthcare providers across the country.

Transformative supply chain innovation

More accurate and efficient operations

More accurate and efficient operations with investment in automation, analytics, and artificial intelligence

Continuous evaluation and improvement

Committed to continuous evaluation and improvement to help ensure supply resiliency

Assortment flexibility

Assortment flexibility to enable a more resilient, optimized supply chain

13,000 pallets of customer owned inventory

Supporting additional pandemic storage with over 13,000 pallets of customer owned inventory

125,000 sq. ft. of additional space

Increasing capacity with 125,000 sq. ft. of additional space

Industry leading JIT stock management

From daily bulk delivery to fully integrated JIT systems, our Stockless Program includes tailored, real-time data driven solutions that reduce your need to maintain stock on location.

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Leverage our unparalleled freight network

OptiFreight® Logistics delivers total transportation management and helps you manage more freight, in more locations, with less effort. Leverage our lower-cost freight network to save money on all shipments to your institution.

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Extend your reach

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Sales support

We make it easy to do business with us. Our dedicated Sales team can help facilitate agreements and connections with healthcare providers across Canada – in all segments and sectors.

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Our specialized Product and Digital teams are experts in developing and executing commercial strategies that drive performance offline and online. We’ll partner on promotional opportunities, sales education, and market enablement.

Let us help you optimize your workflow with our best-in-class supply chain solutions