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From products designed to protect and support, to leading innovations, 3M is focused on addressing your challenges and meeting the needs of the people you care for every day. We know that treating every patient with the highest level of care is always a top priority. That is why 3M is here to help you address risks, standardize practices, and help reduce the risk of complications with science-centred solutions.

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With so much relying on your job well done, you need sterilization monitoring solutions you can depend on. You need assurance that sterilization is achieved consistently, quickly and effectively. 3M has 50+ years of experience leading scientific innovation, including the first rapid biological indicators creation over 30 years ago and the first hydrogen peroxide multi-variable chemical indicator device in 2021. Their track record shows we provide world-class, consistently reliable monitoring solutions.

3M monitoring solutions are trusted, reliable and versatile.
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Young girl in hospital bed with purple teddy bear.

Why warm before, during or after any surgical procedure?

Degrees make a difference. The difference between a positive patient outcome and a complicated recovery can be a matter of degrees. Unintended perioperative hypothermia is a frequent, yet preventable, complication of surgery. It can increase the rate of surgical site infection (SSI),¹ extend recovery time² and length of stay,¹ and increase mortality rates.³

However, hypothermia can be easily prevented when temperature
is monitored and an active warming measure is instituted
throughout the perioperative process — starting before the induction of anaesthesia.

Maintaining normothermia can help avoid the potential
cascade of negative outcomes associated with unintended hypothermia, including4.

  • Increased risk of SSIs
  • Blood loss and transfusion requirements
  • Adverse cardiac events
  • Decreased drug metabolism
  • Shivering and thermal discomfort
Young girl in hospital bed with purple teddy bear.

Shop essential 3M surgical products by category:

Comprehensive solutions for the individualized needs of Surgery Centers that help establish, manage and maintain a quality sterilization process monitoring system.

Wide range of products to help maintain normothermia, help safeguard patients and improve outcomes. From blankets to gowns to temperature monitoring.

Hand antiseptic products, antimicrobial skin prepping solution and surgical clipper for body hair removal.

Extensive line of post-operative wound closure and incision care products, from skin closures to wound dressings to surgical tapes and wraps.


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