Save on costs & reduce
the risk of infections
with Medical Indicators’
clinically accurate
single-use thermometers

Medical Indicators is an industry leading manufacturer of clinically-accurate, single-use thermometers. 20 to 40% of HAIs are caused by cross-contamination via contact with the patient or by touching infected surfaces in the patient’s environment1. Clostridium difficile spores can survive up to 5 weeks on hospital equipment, resisting traditional surface cleaning methods1. In a recent study evaluating the potential spread of healthcare associated pathogens on electronic thermometers, findings supported a recommendation to reduce the spread of infection by adopting single-use disposable thermometers in care of CDI patients2. Medical Indicator’s thermometers are designed for high accuracy readings and to prevent patients from exposure to infections such as COVID-19, C. difficile, MRSA, MDROs, Norovirus, Rotavirus and other HAIs by providing a clean instrument that is used once, and then discarded – virtually eliminating the risk of spreading germs & infections.

NexTemp® Ultra

Patient Needs: clinical setting (hospital, surgery center, urgent care, dialysis, blood collection, LTC etc.) , as well as consumer/retail (families & individuals, education, first-aid, online/in-store retail); accuracy, affordability, Eco‐impact, infection control, portability, easily transported/stored

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Patient Needs: clinical setting (hospital, surgery center, urgent care, dialysis, blood collection, LTC etc.); Tempa•DOT® thermometers are also offered in a sterile version, providing an added layer of protection when infection control is of critical importance (dialysis, ICU, chemo/infusion patients, etc.)


Patient Needs: pediatric ICU wards; children’s hospitals; pediatricians; senior, long‐term care and nursing homes/facilities

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Editorial | The Role
of Single Use
Thermometers in
Infection Control
and Patient Care

Multi-patient reusable thermometers have been shown to be vectors for pathogens, which can spread throughout a health care facility. When thermometers are used on multiple patients by health care providers, the potential for transmission of pathogens from patient-to-patient and patient-to-provider increases.


TraxIt® Directions for Use

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NexTemp® Directions for Oral Use

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Tempa•DOT® Directions for Axillary Use

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